About Us

Two simple words, Timeless Charm, aptly describe our product as well as our vision.  Founded by Earle Steele and Steven Brusko, two industry veterans from diverse backgrounds, Landis Reed Homes mixes the timeless architecture found in many early American homes with the charm of friendly people who aspire to "cross the bridge" back to the values and traditions of eras past.

Life-long influences from Earle Steele's many family members in the homebuilding industry have taught him that kindness and sincerity are the key ingredients to a customer's happiness. Since 1988, he has been demonstrating them in many different aspects of the industry, including sales & marketing, product & site development along with being involved in numerous award winning neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods include Davis Lake (an East - West Partners Development), Heron Harbor of Centex fame, Birkdale Village with David Weekly Homes and Caldwell Station most recently with D.R. Horton Homes. All of these experiences combine to give Earle valuable perspective and a sturdy foundation in his role as a principal of Landis Reed Homes.

As a youngster Steven Brusko began learning the building trades from his older brothers, and developed a strong work ethic from his father. While applying the trade as part-time helper for his brothers in the shop, Steven aspired to become a woodworking journeyman. After attending a Robotics Technology Trade School for two years and spending a brief period of time away from the building trades, Steve realized he was on the wrong career path. In 1989, wanting to return to his life long love, he began a professional career in the home building industry when he joined his older brothers Remodeling and Custom Home Building Company. During those years he honed his trade skills and developed a strong appreciation for architecture. The eye for detail and influence of professional Architects have remained with Steven since. This is reflected in the Landis Reed Homes vision. After 14 years of building for the "Corporate Label" companies, Steven determined that the time has come to return to those ideals that so inspired him to make a career of building homes.

You can benefit from the experience Earle and Steven bring to the Landis Reed Homes product. All you have to do is "Cross the Bridge" to better value and long tradition.